Playground game of death

Half dry mud caked my new jeans in spattered globs, and sweat matted my bangs to my face. Weeds crunched under flat soled converse and the arches of my feet stung unbearably. These shoes were't made for sprinting, but I had to keep running. And I had to run faster. We were running from the barbarians,... Continue Reading →

Wake up, it’s a dream

Disappointment is when you animatedly remind your circle of friends how fun your day out together yesterday was, and they look at you wide-eyed, confused as your loud voice bounces off the hallway. Embarrassment is when none of them remember that any outing existed. Then you vaguely remember turning into a crocodile during your McDonald's stop, and it hits you that your... Continue Reading →

In a country of denial

I'd say I was in a state of denial, but that's an overused expression. Besides recent events have brought me to realize denial runs way beyond the borders of a single state. But it's Monday and no one wants to throw shade at politics. 🙂 I'm in denial all the time. Especially today. Like not wanting... Continue Reading →

How to fail a class

Monday. A new week. Fresh start. You don't wait until a New Year for change because a new week is just as perfect for life reforms. First period chemistry. You walk in. Today is acid base titrations. You were reminded how notoriously hard this lesson was going to be last Friday, and you were happy... Continue Reading →

Refrigerator warming SOS

When my mom found it too much of a bother to fix our broken freezer/fridge, I soon learned that there would be no more beloved ice cream purchases until the machine fixed itself. It was horribly tragic and I haven't been quite the same since with my ice cream withdrawals causing me to act erratically. But... Continue Reading →

Memories rice

In a soft bowl of rice with too much water a spoon sinks in like quicksand. Congee was for when I had no teeth and chewing wasn't an option. It's a bowl of toddler comfort and memories I can barely grasp. Yellow tinted medium grain and no bounce in its chew was the Chinese takeout fried rice... Continue Reading →

An endless cycle of Saturday enemies

What even in the world could possibly be so terrible that it makes a sleep loving person dread Saturdays?? In dramatic books, the characters somehow get trapped in some endless repeating time cycle where the same day just won't stop repeating itself. Well I'm trapped in a cycle too. It's not nearly as dramatic, but it's even worse. My... Continue Reading →

Traumatic vacuuming

I'm sure this is highly relatable so I just wanted to share with you all the trauma I just experienced so you all know that you're not alone in your dark times. I have, since ten minutes ago, joined the exclusively selective club consisting of people who have had to vacuum the remains of their pets at 1030pm... Continue Reading →

The stages of crispy hair

Today I discovered the different textures that can be achieved from applying illegal amounts of hairspray. A light sauté is best suited for when you want to buy hairspray less than twice a month, as you use the closest possible amount to a logical portion of hairspray. But it's like comparing a human and a squirrel to an ant. The squirrel... Continue Reading →

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