an unscheduled schedule

You know in the movies where the character looks at a text message or email or whatever and then they you can actually see every structure inside them crumble into oblivion and then they break into tears because they found out some horrible news.

I actually have no idea if anything like that ever happened in a movie, but I think it’s so cliche that I feel safe to assume so.

Well when I clicked open my email today and went about routine mass producing the delete button for the ads that make up about 70% of my inbox, I actually ran into an email that wasn’t from a mailing list.And because since literally none of my friends use email to communicate, I was excited. If the following events were played out as a roller coaster, they would go a little like this:

*Opening the email -it was from my school counselor- and reading the first sentence*

The master schedule has been finalized…

*The roller coaster begins climbing up and happy shouts of excitement burst from the riders*

…and there is a conflict with Annie’s schedule. 

*The car does a straight plummet down*

None of the classes Annie is requesting is offered 6th period, which means we can not fit 6 classes in 5 spots. 

*Then whole coaster structure just falls apart*

My perfect high school blueprint, where I had mapped out every detail and every class each year collapsed at that instant.

I actually thought it was the end of the world.

But as I wrestled with the notion of possibly of having to take a class that wasn’t AP or honors, I came to the conclusion that honestly, as long as it doesn’t kill you or mentally or physically damage you for life, nothing is so bad you can’t get over it.

Maybe that was abrupt, but out of every horrible event, even if you seem like you’re suffocating under pain and there’s no tomorrow, – unless there really isn’t – there will be a tomorrow and everything will get better with time.

Except the length of my sentences that is. They seem to get longer with every passing day. Oh well -3-

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