a sahara summer

Everyone, everybody, all the time just complains about the fleeting sweetness of summer. And yeah for us in school who are trapped in a robotic manufacturing line of wake up ~too early~ stumble around get to school stumble around a little more go home waste time sleep ~too late~, entering the world where the days of the week become as relevant as the human appendix and 2am is the new bedtime is a much needed break.

That was a really long sentence…

Also on a sidenote: I swear Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc. just fall into oblivion the moment summer begins. I lived an entire collective group of days not knowing which day it was one year. I say collective group because I have no idea how many days it was.

But this year summer seemed really long. I feel like school got out ages ago and when I think about the first day, there’s still three weeks before that happens. That’s the better part of a month.

Part of the reason I think summer seems so long is the sheer amount of summer homework I’ve been assigned. I could never pay attention in class, and being on summer break doesn’t improve my focus whatsoever. For world history AP homework, I was reading a chapter on Africa and the Sahara desert and it was so boring my brain inevitably began to wander. You know I actually think summer and the Sahara have a lot in common. It’s hot and it’s really really long. When you’re in it, the whole world doesn’t seem to matter.

But it’s concerning how easy it is to get lost into the unconcerning summer spirit where worries and troubles die because responsibility also gets lost. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it again when the school year starts.

All of a sudden summer doesn’t seem nearly long enough ;-;



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