Missing mail

It’s pretty frustrating lately because our house is under construction so it’s a journey to get to our front door. A journey that requires walking on narrow planks over wooden framework, and a journey that most package carriers don’t want to embark on.

Amazon Prime is my lifestyle and I order packages like crazy. But recently most of my packages just haven’t ever made it to me. And it’s the most disappointing thing ever. Ordering something online is exciting. Waiting for a package is excruciating. And receiving it is a satisfaction topped by few other things in the world. So when I don’t receive it, the excruciation just kind of tapers off into a sadness. Like soggy fries or when you mess up peeling the sticky barcode label off a new binder.

But it’s not a big deal yet because I’ve only ordered a few cheap books.

I think it reflects a lot on life. You’re bound to be faced with disappointments and small setbacks that are out of your control.

However I’m worried about is a new camera lense I just ordered. Those things aren’t small replaceable toys and if that doesn’t get delivered safely, I don’t know what I’ll do.

There’s going to be huge issues that are just blatantly unfair. Events that will hurt you, drill holes into your heart, deflate all the hope out, and toss it in the trash. And those events put missing a book, or even a camera in perspective.

So I’ve decided when your heart gets pierced and numbed, you just have to fix it up again. If my camera lense really does end up never arriving, I’ll just shakily call customer service and let the universe do whatever it needs to do.

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