Exposure leads to cancer

Prolonged exposure to radiation is supposed to put you at high risk of developing cancer. Only after I figured that out did I understand why my mom freaked out about the seven teeth X-rays I got in four days. That was just shooting radiation straight into my brain. Or something close to that.

Well I noticed there’s a very different kind of radiation, and a similar but different disease that accompanies it at school. Especially among the female population.

Everyone’s going to get crap talked about them at some point in their life, but if the normal amount was a hundred page book full of bad things about you, then expect the amount at school equivalent to a ten book series – each volume the length of Gone with the Wind. Again, especially if you’re part of the female population.

The reason for this chronic backstabbing is because it’s a disease that occurs because of how we’re wired, and further influence by outside sources.

Like cancer.

There are the people who naturally radiate negative attitudes. Anyone who’s near them and exposed to those rays, will absorb them like dry sponges in the ocean. And like cancer, the disease will be inside you long before you know you have it.

It’s dangerous and I’ll admit I’m not innocent of this. All you need for a two hour trash talk session is a group chat, personal insecurity, and a lot of hate. There’s always something wrong with her makeup, or she’s too stupid, or her smile seems fake, she thinks she’s better than she actually is, or there’s just something about her that you don’t like.

The girls at my school seem to have an innate talent at finding flaws with other girls. Myself included. :/

We should all be therapists so we can spend all day telling people how to fix themselves.

I mean obviously you should never take things said behind your back seriously because the person who’s saying it isn’t intent on hurting you. Something just triggered them and now you’re the unlucky target of a rant.

But knowing someone’s talking bad about you always creates a cracked ball of cement in your gut that’s terribly burdensome to carry around. It feels bad no matter how many times you run the dull monologue “I don’t care what other people think” through your head.

There’s no cure for cancer yet, but there’s treatment. And the first step to getting treatment is knowing you have the disease.

Luckily unlike cancer, you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get fixed. And also unlike cancer, getting better is in your complete control. 🙂


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  1. It was only a week or two ago I heard a radio interview with a research sociologist who’s written a series of books about women in America, her latest being on the topic of women’s friendships. One of the results she shared was the overwhelming number of women who claimed to have, or at least prefer, male friends rather than female. And for almost always the same reason: the tendency of women to gossip. (A secondary reason reflected one of your main thrusts in this essay, that women are competitive and judgemental amongst themselves.)

    Having grown up with four sisters and no brothers I can certainly attest to this trait at least in my own family. And my wife, listening to that segment with me, agreed wholeheartedly at the time. She is involved in an almost exclusively female-centric business, and often goes on rants about the cliques and back stabbing and pettiness she finds herself immersed in.

    I’ve sometimes wondered whether this oft noted behavior is nature, or nurture. Is it really a universal gender trait? Or is it a manifestation of women living in a patriarchal society where females are systemically undervalued, and often subservient or even oppressed? In other words, with limited avenues open to them, and no other way to show dominance or assertiveness, do they resort to the few behaviors they CAN do, even if they’re negative? I’d be curious if women embody these sorts of negative traits in matriarchal societies (if one can find any).

    That was a well written post about an important topic. Thank you for writing it.


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