Eat Brussels sprouts punctually

You know when you pile mountains of those evil Brussels sprout balls in the dark corner of your plate so you can enjoy your lightly breaded fried chicken in peace. And you’re doing it with the knowledge that you’re just sentencing yourself to a fate of terrible bitter torture by putting off the punishment for the future.

Or that day where you just cannot bring yourself to turn on the sink and scrub away at the three peanut butter covered dishes laying sullen at the bottom of a deep metallic sink that reflects your guilty eyes every time you walk by. One day turns into two. Two into a week. And then you silently (or loudly) curse yourself for putting off the short sentence of washing three dishes last week, because now it has evolved into a life imprisonment.

I guess that’s what life was doing to me. Letting me get away with every little thing, but also letting its grudge against me grow without my knowledge. I could forget to study for a test and manage to slip by without consequences. Not do my homework and escape unnoticed. Accidentally swear at someone under my breath but thank my lucky stars somehow they didn’t hear. And I did a lot of pretty bad things, but when karma didn’t strike I felt pretty cheeky to have gotten away with it all.

See we we’re doing construction work on our house right now. And there’s a hole the size of a small dining table carved half a foot behind our door. I found out today a grown man can completely vanish into it. Well yesterday when I stormed into my house, I completely forgot about the existence of this hole. And dove straight into it.

Now I didn’t fall completely in. My elbows managed to make contact with the floorboard on the other side, so I only plunged in up to my chest. But as I was falling my leg slammed into the board and, well, now I guess I’m paying for all my sins with my incapacitated state of being.

It’s quite terrible because I’m the one who needs to be able to run from zombies at all time.

But I guess it’s what I deserve for my little punishments having been put off for so long. I didn’t wisely divvy up my Brussel sprouts into reasonable portions earlier, and now I’m paying the price by having to suffer the hard spheres of natures tasteless bitter pills all at once.

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