In a country of denial

I’d say I was in a state of denial, but that’s an overused expression.

Besides recent events have brought me to realize denial runs way beyond the borders of a single state.

But it’s Monday and no one wants to throw shade at politics. 🙂

I’m in denial all the time. Especially today. Like not wanting to come to terms with the fact I just consumed a fourth of a watermelon, a bowl of yogurt, a pudding cup, Oreos, twenty shrimp, a bag of pretzels, cereal, a granola bar, a Rice Krispie, and a banana.

My intense exercise consisted of walking from the dining table to the kitchen.

To make matters worse, eating was a just way to avoid the reality of having to annotate eighty three pages of To Kill a Mockingbird, do twenty chemistry problems, and face the fact it’s only Monday.

My life is a mess.

But the country of denial is such a nice state of being. A cool seventy degree breeze whistles through stalks of thin, hay colored prairie grass that rustle quietly as shimmery silver snake scales slink their way through. A tire swing hangs low from the branch of a tree on a thick rope of coarse twine. Take a seat and be rocked to an eternal drowsiness from the dreamy swaying motion of a pendulum. Take a popsicle and become tranced by the dribbles of sticky red syrup trickling down your fingers. Earbuds feed hazy, calming music into your brain. You know a war is being raged two hundred meters over, and joining it is inevitable. But if you don’t look at it, maybe… maybe you can forget it exists.

In fact writing this post is just another way to pretend I don’t have two hours of homework ahead of me.

Saying that actually throws reality into my face.

I’m getting tired of this tire swing.




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