Refrigerator warming SOS

When my mom found it too much of a bother to fix our broken freezer/fridge, I soon learned that there would be no more beloved ice cream purchases until the machine fixed itself. It was horribly tragic and I haven’t been quite the same since with my ice cream withdrawals causing me to act erratically.

But I guess I need to be ‘concerned about how the rest of the world beyond my own struggles’ so heres a news report on the conditions of this gradually warming world.

The frozen fish fillets in on rack three are melting at alarming rates. Soon they will completely defrost and if someone in power doesn’t recognize that refrigerator temperatures are on the rise, the fish will spoil. And the world will plunge into a hot disaster.

And over here on the refrigerator side, they’re having their own urgent issues. The milk cartons have expanded from the lack of refrigeration and are threatening to explode. Effects from the explosion will be able to be felt many shelves away, and will alter the top shelf forever.

The shelves on the doors aren’t at high risk because of the low perishing threat. But I really prefer my ketchup cold, so personal comfort will have to be compromised at the least if nothing is done about this increasingly urgent issue.

Eggs are also in peril at becoming deadly weapons of mass destruction if they’re allowed to descend to room temperature and rot. We must do everyone in our power to barricade them from entering this stage because once changed into bombs of mass destruction, the world would be easily annihilated if they fall into the wrong hands. Or if they fall into no hands at all and crash to the ground.

The stakes for refrigerator warming are high. And the dangers are very obvious. Like the dangers of global warming in the world are becoming very evident. Yet some leaders and people with a lot of power still refuse to recognize this worsening problem.

Don’t let this go on any further, or the world will plunge into hell.

Just fix the fridge.

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