An endless cycle of Saturday enemies

What even in the world could possibly be so terrible that it makes a sleep loving person dread Saturdays??

In dramatic books, the characters somehow get trapped in some endless repeating time cycle where the same day just won’t stop repeating itself.

Well I’m trapped in a cycle too. It’s not nearly as dramatic, but it’s even worse.

My Saturday hating trigger?


Or more accurately; never practicing piano.

And every two weeks I have to make the one hour drive to LA – which I wish was a longer commute on the way there, and shorter when I’m coming back – to face my enemy monster that sits poised, sleek, and black. Waiting patiently in an adobe prison to bring me to my knees in shame.

One would say it’s my fault for not practicing. But take Atticus Finch’s advice and put yourself in my shoes. How could I bear to toil on practicing every day? How can I be sitting on that hard wooden black bench that sticks to my thighs in the summer, fall, spring, and winter when I have tangents left to go off on, and idleness left to explore? How do you persist in doing something you’re passionately apathetic towards?

Then I have to face the inhabitant of the enemy, and learn how to conquer the monster that day. Hopefully my fingers won’t shake too hard with anxiety, and my hair won’t eagerly escape its ponytail again to join fear in blinding my vision. Suddenly my ears sharpen. I still can’t hear what I’m playing wrong in the song, but somehow the ‘click click’ tapping sound of my fingers hitting the ivory keys becomes perfectly evident and screams to my ear with every ‘clack’  that I haven’t trimmed by fingernails in three weeks. My heart wrentches, hoping the teacher won’t hear.

Before every lesson I make a plea to God promising I’ll practice so hard this next week if He let’s me do well today.

Then the moment I get home, I scream ‘hallelujah I’m freed for two weeks. and I’ll promptly use all the time that I had been saving up for laziness prior.

I could change everything and my perception of Saturday with just one simple practice. But procrastination and laziness is killer. Don’t get caught in the cycle kids.

You’ll never get back out.



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