Jumping into a hole

Well it’s almost midnight and I have to get up at 630 tomorrow. A Sunday. :/ I don’t know what the point of this is, I guess it’s to keep me sane through the next 3 years and one month of dragging myself to school every morning.

This is what someone would call a “drunk idea”, but I’m underage so I can’t drink so obviously I’m not drunk while making this.

I take that back.

We all can’t drink but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. “I can’t drink” isn’t an excuse for avoiding alcohol anymore. More like I just don’t. This is bouncing off way too many tangents oh my.

Someone help me.

Well as the title implies, I’m basically stupidly leaping into a black chasm. Laugh at me if you will, or cringe. Whatever you think is a better way to laugh at me.

Well I guess things will unfold by themselves and I’ll end this before I completely kill any remaining shards of dignity I’m holding on to.

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